Why I'm running for Raleigh City Council

A friend recently approached me at a local charity fundraiser and asked me why – with my busy work schedule – I was running for City Council. The short answer: I truly enjoy helping people.

The short answer: I truly care about people and enjoy helping however I can.

The long answer: by serving on City Council, I would be able to help make needed changes "from the inside," within local government. I can only do so much by utilizing the Downtowner to highlight the issues and problems that need to be addressed, but by being a part of the decision-making process of Raleigh City Council, I would be able to make more of a difference.

As publisher of Triangle Downtowner Magazine for the past 11 years, I've always made a concerted effort to support local businesses and charities as well as highlighting people who are committed to improving the community in which they live. I currently serve on the board for several non-profits and volunteer when I can. It's hard for me to say no when an organization asks for help.

I sincerely hope you'll join me on this journey and allow me to earn your confidence, your trust, and eventually, your vote.

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There are many issues that impact District C and Raleigh in general. Here are a few that are important to me.

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I need your help to continue my campaign for Raleigh City Council. Click here to learn more about how to contribute, hold a fundraiser, or volunteer.

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About me

Learn a little more about why I'm running for Raleigh City Council, my background, the organizations I'm involved with, and the community we live in.

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